Practical knowledge and effective solutions to insurance disputes ultimately involve the interpretation of complex and often confusing policy language. It requires knowledge of insurance law and legal precedents. Our firm understands the concerns of both insurers and insured. Having the requisite industry knowledge, we are well placed to provide legal services for both insurance carriers and corporate customers as regards risk management and general insurance advice. Our corporate and insurance practice provides high quality specialist advice to strategic decision makers. We advise on all matters of insurance and reinsurance. However, our firm's philosophy is that insurance coverage claims should be resolved amicably as and when appropriate.

 Practice highlights include the following:

  1. We are prepared to assist our clients in evaluating the insurance required to be purchased and maintained prior to loss occurrence or assertion of claims.
  2. We assist in reviewing a client's current coverage and evaluate whether it provides the sufficient protection against loss and liability.
  3. We enable our client, as and when possible, to incorporate a counter indemnity clause limiting our client's overall liability to the extent of the amount recoverable by our client under the insurance coverage required to be procured and maintained under the transaction.
  4. We provide advice on a wide range of commercial and business transactions issues. We review policy wordings as regards insurance and reinsurance. We advise on insurance issues arising in commercial transactions and corporate transactions.
  5. In connection with property damage we advice on property damage claims including loss or damage to property associated with the works, loss or damage to owner's tools and equipment, loss or damage or destruction of all or any of the project facilities prior to completion, loss of, damage to or destruction to the project or materials caused by the perils of war or like perils such as fire, water, vibration etc. we act for property insurers in connection with subrogated actions.
  6. We advice insurers and their insured as regards different insurance coverages including contractors all risk insurance policies for the entire project, comprehensive general liability, and public liability and road traffic accidents
  7. We advise on the drafting of reinsurance contracts.

Scope of our expertise covers

  1. Commercial Property damage.
  2. Commercial General liability
  3. Erection all risks insurance including third party liability.
  4. Comprehensive General Liability
  5. Employer Liability Insurance
  6. Automobile Liability Insurance.
  7. Directors and Officers Liability claims.
  8. Professional Indemnity Insurance.
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