Our Value

Six shared values

We have six values at shenzhen law firm that we share across our worldwide network. By clearly stating these, we aim to reinforce what makes us successful, to discourage those things that hinder our progress, and to make a clear statement about our identity. Values only make a difference if they are shared, believed in and practised. Our challenge is to uphold our values in everything we do - they are there to guide us in the way we work, in the decisions we make and in the way we interact with people.

Excellence in everyone and everything

This means we:

  • always strive to be the best
  • encourage everyone who works with us - our people, our clients, our business partners - to excel
  • deliver technical excellence and value beyond it
  • ensure that the work we do, our processes and service delivery are consistently of the highest quality
  • are demanding and discerning with ourselves and with others
  • are open to constructive criticism and to suggestions for improvement.

Dedication to our clients

This means we:

  • are totally committed to serving our clients and are intelligent in the way we manage our relationships and work with them
  • understand and care about our clients' business and help them to develop and succeed
  • are proactive with our clients, anticipating their needs and providing solutions which are timely, clear and pragmatic
  • shape and manage our clients' expectations and are not afraid to challenge them when necessary
  • enjoy working with our clients and want them to enjoy working with us
  • have a relationship with our clients based on openness, trust, mutual respect and integrity.

Helping our people to achieve their potential

This means we:

  • create a challenging environment in which our people can excel
  • nurture our people's talents and help bring out their best qualities
  • give people feedback, guidance and opportunities to enable them to get the most out of their jobs and develop their careers to the full
  • maintain a learning culture and share our knowledge and ideas
  • recognise that by developing our people we grow.

Respecting and including every individual

This means we:

  • treat everyone with courtesy and respect
  • value people's opinions
  • embrace diversity and give people scope to be themselves
  • care about people's well-being and respect the need for life outside work
  • encourage and support people to play a part in their wider community
  • encourage in everyone a strong sense of belonging.

Working together as one firm

This means we:

  • all take responsibility for, identify with, and share in the success of, A&O
  • ensure a good team spirit, openness and friendliness in the workplace
  • make it fun to work at, and with, A&O
  • help support each other and take pride in each other's success
  • put the interests of A&O ahead of any individual or group within it.

Entrepreneurial spirit and energy

This means we:

  • build the legal practice on the energy and enterprise of individuals and teams
  • expect and encourage everyone to show initiative and take responsibility
  • are innovative and forward-thinking
  • are at the leading edge
  • enjoy our achievements, but always strive to go further.
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Client Testimonial

One of the best China lawyers based in Shenzhen! I appreciated this Shenzhen lawyer's service because they helped me achieved my goals, though it was a tough mission. They are English speaking lawyers, so there are absolutely no communication barrier you likely encounter elsewhere. What impressed me is these Shenzhen lawyer's quick response and professional service, two characteristics which I treasure most. Although the Shenzhen lawyers are based in south China, they represent clients across the country, so you can also call them China lawyer! - Johnson

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